Donations & Payments*

Deposit $1000

Amount due with application (refundable)

*Refundable until 15 days after you are notified that your application has been accepted by the Board. After the 15 day refundable period, the $1,000 deposit becomes non-refundable and the remainder of your entry fee will be non-refundable once submitted. If you do not submit the balance of your entry fee within the 15 day period, you will forfeit your spot and your $1,000 deposit is refunded.

Balance Due $8800

Amount due after acceptance and $1000 deposit has been paid. Due April 10.

*If full entry fee is not received by March 10, acceptance to the rally is withdrawn and prior deposits will not be returned

Full Balance $9800

Additional Room $3000

If you and your co-driver require two rooms

Crew Package 1 $4500

One extra room for ONE crew member plus meals

Crew Package 2 $6000

One extra room (shared) for TWO crew member plus meals

Meal sponsorship during the rally

All money raised will help us contribute more funds to the important charities we support.


LUNCH $4000

DINNER $10,000

Additional ways to donate during the rally

roadhouse cocktail hour $1800

official stainless steel rally cups $850

hussong's tequila $500

roadway snack bar $700

Routebook Greeting Page - full $800

Routebook Greeting Page - half $500

live music $800

bagpipe sendoff $800

Other amount

Any combo of the above amounts

Additional Contribution to Benefit Montana Charities

*Note: Payments and donations are not 100% tax deductible. We will send you a letter following the rally informing you of the amount of goods and services you received.

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