rally logistics

Going to the sun rally

September 4th thru 9th
Arrival in Bozeman, Montana on Monday, Sept. 4
Driving days Tuesday, Sept. 5 through Saturday, Sept 9
Departing on Sunday, Sept. 10

Each participant is responsible for the logistics and costs of shipping their own car(s) to and from the event. Let us know if we can be of assistance in connecting you to others from your area.

Security will be provided at night during the rally in selected areas. We have contracted with a security company to provide security at night in selected locations. However, we do need to know in advance of any special requirements regarding your vehicle.

Please make sure to BRING YOUR PASSPORT and arrange your arrival into one of the suggested airports:

Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (FCA) www.bozemanairport.com/
Hotel shuttle available - Share your flight information with Grouse Mountain Lodge (406-862-3000) a few days in advance, and they will pick you up for the 15 minute drive to the hotel.

Shipping cars to and from Montana can be a bit pricy. Because of this, each year we receive requests to know who is in your part of the country so you can buddy up on shipping. We will not share names, emails, or phone numbers without your permission out of respect for your privacy. So, if you would like to work with your fellow ralliers to coordinate transport, please tell us. Once we receive your permission, we'll send an email to like-minded rally members. Also, tell us where your car is located if it isn't being shipped from the address you have given us.
Please arrange for shipment of your vehicles to/from:
Bozeman, Montana (hotels to be announced shortly)

Delivery: September 4th - Registration Day (security starts at 6am)
Pickup: September 9th - Final evening of the Rally OR September 10th the morning following (Security ends at 6am)

Pack a box containing these parts and keep in your car

Pack these parts. Our mechanics can carry these parts for you.

Fuel pump failure isn't untypical. It's recommended that you bring a spare. Terry Larson's recommendation is to plumb in a spare electric pump and if a failure occurs switch to the new pump already installed.

Every car should have a good fire extinguisher. This needs to be accessible to the driver and co-driver (not in the trunk)

Please drive your car at least 200 miles prior to the rally to shake out any issues. Issues caught and remedied before the rally will help ensure you don't spend time on the side of the road.

Click here to download a comprehensive check list that may be useful in preparing your car.

Every participant is required to have their cars properly insured according to the laws of the state and /or country of the car’s registration. Please note that some insurance policies may have limitations on mileage or restrict coverage when your car is not parked in a secured garage overnight, driven in road rallies, or while in transit. We recommend that you verify that your car will be covered for a more than 1,000 mile organized multi-day rally event that involves hotel parking lots and commercial shipping. If you need insurance or have questions regarding coverage, our insurance sponsor, Chubb, can assist. Chubb can be reached at 866-227-9648 or at collectorcar.chubb.com.

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